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Georgia DUI / Hit and Run Reduced to Reckless Driving

Practice Area: DUI / DWI

Outcome: DUI / Hit and Run followed by Police Pursuit

Description: Mr. Yager's client was encountered by local police failing to maintain lane and driving without headlights. When police attempted to stop Mr. Yager's client, she led them on a brief low speed pursuit, refusing to stop for several miles.

After stopping the vehicle, police discovered that Mr. Yager's client had struck some schrubery and trees, deployed her air bags, broken her arm, and sustanied facial injuries. The head lights of the vehicle were not on because they had been broken out of the vehicle by the impact.

Mr. Yager's client was charged with multiple offenses including proceeding through two red lights (during the pursuit), leaving the scene of an accident, failure to maintain lane, and DUI. Mr. Yager successfully challanged the alleged refusal of his client to submit to a blood test on the grounds that implied consent was not timely read and was able to show the state's attorney that lack of proper police investigation would become an issue in the case.

Mr. Yager's client gladly accepted a plea of guilty to reckless driving prior to the necessity of trial.

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